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Oral Health in Tampa: Stick Out Your Tongue!

Oral Health in Tampa As health professionals, we know that Tampa dentists diagnose and treat conditions of the teeth and gums, but we sometimes overlook the importance of the tongue.

Have you ever considered all the amazing things your tongue can do? It helps us talk, perceive the texture and flavor of food, chew, and swallow. This strong and nimble gymnast is in near-constant motion during our waking hours. It is a wonder that we don’t accidentally bite it more often as we smile, chew, drink, breathe, swallow, cough, and laugh.

Your tongue can also reveal problems with your oral health in Tampa, including digestive problems, infections, and diseases of the blood. When Jeff Bynum performs oral exams, the tongue is always checked for signs of oral cancer and other serious diseases.

Here are some tongue abnormalities and possible causes:

  • Swollen tongue: reaction to food/drink/medication, strep infection, leukemia, hypothyroidism
  • White tongue: dehydration, yeast infection, irritation to tobacco, enteritis, gastritis, colitis, anemia, or other nutritional deficiency
  • Canker sores: may be triggered by stress or reaction to food, toothpaste, or mouthwash.

If you have persistent canker sores, you may want to try eliminating products that contain sodium lauryl (or laurel) sulfate (SLS). SLS is a cheap foaming agent that is found in many personal care products. It can be difficult to find SLS-free dental products in Tampa. The following brands have previously offered SLS-free versions but check labels carefully every time you buy a new tube. We have noticed that SLS has re-appeared in some brands.

  • Biotene
  • Sensodyne Pronamel
  • Tom’s of Maine
  • Rembrandt Low Abrasion

Improving Oral Health in Tampa

If you can’t find an SLS-free toothpaste at your local Tampa grocery store, we would suggest trying health food stores, specialty drug stores, or trusted online sites. We recommend thorough dental hygiene including cleaning the tongue to improve oral health in Tampa. To schedule a consultation to discuss any dental health issues including tongue scraping, please contact our office at 813-413-7518. We also offer services such as porcelain veneers, gum disease treatment, and teeth whitening.

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Don’t Ignore It: Toothache Relief in Valrico

Toothaches don’t always seem like a big deal. You may not even notice a toothache, unless you bite down on something. But Five Star Dental Care in Valrico reminds you to never ignore even a minor toothache, because your body is telling you that something isn’t right.

The most common cause of a toothache is a cavity. But it isn’t the only cause. It may also be the result of a damaged filling, a broken tooth, infected gums, or an abscess.

If you have a toothache that lasts for more than a couple of days, it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call at Five Star Dental Care. Don’t even wait that long if your toothache pain is severe, or you have an accompanying fever, earache, or pain when you open your mouth.

It’s important that we find out what’s going on, so that we can treat it. In some cases it could be an infection that might spread to other parts of your face and skull.

Treatment depends on what is giving you pain. If it’s a cavity, then we’ll fill it. An abscess may require a root canal or, if it’s really bad, an extraction.

Most toothaches are indications of tooth decay. The best way to prevent that is to have a good oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing twice a day. That will ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. It’s also important to get cleanings and checkups every six months.

Five Star Dental Care in Valrico can provide relief for all manner of toothache pain. We also offer gum disease treatment and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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