Tooth Extractions

Girl smiles after having a tooth extraction performed in Valrico, near Riverview and Brandon FL.
While Dr. Jeff Bynum’s first priority is to preserve, restore, and treat your natural teeth, sometimes a tooth extraction just isn’t avoidable. Your Valrico Five Star Dental Care team will ensure that comfortable and as pain-free as possible before, during, and after your tooth extraction procedure.

Tooth Extraction Guidelines in Valrico

Getting your tooth pulled is called a tooth extraction. Teeth need to be pulled for any number of reasons, from wisdom teeth, decay, disease, or even injury. Whatever the reason, Tampa-area dentist Dr. Bynum and his team at Five Star Dental Care will ensure your experience will be a pleasant as possible.

Here is what you can expect during your tooth extraction with Dr. Bynum:

  • Sedation
    • Dr. Bynum offers many options, from local anaesthetics to sedation dentistry, so getting your tooth pulled can be as calming and pain-free experience as possible. Keep in mind that your mouth will remain numb several hours after the tooth extraction, so during this time it’s essential that you do not eat any food that needs to be tugged and avoid biting your cheek, lip, or tongue.
  • Bleeding
    • Once your tooth is extracted, Dr. Bynum will place a gauze pack over the area to limit bleeding. This gauze should be left on the extraction area for at least 30 minutes after the procedure. Once the pack is removed you’ll notice a little more bleeding and possibly some oozing. This is normal.
  • Cleaning your mouth
    • The day after the procedure you can begin brushing and flossing the teeth around the extraction area.
    • It’s important for the blood to clot so ensure that you do not disturb the tooth socket as it healing.
    • You’ll want to gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water after every meal. This will help keep food particles out of the area that might interrupt the tooth extraction healing process. Do not use a straw until the area has completely healed.
  • For more about teeth extraction, feel free to review our helpful tooth extraction guide (PDF, 47kb). Or for more after-treatment care, be sure to follow the guidance in Care After Tooth Extractions (PDF, 49kb)

    Woman smiles after her wisdom teeth removal procedure; she had a tooth pulled by Dr. Bynum.

    Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Dr. Bynum knows how inconvenient and sometimes painful wisdom teeth can be. Over time they become encased in the bone tissue or gum which can cause added pressure and pain to your mouth. Fortunately, our Tampa-area wisdom teeth extraction team can pull wisdom teeth, even if they’ve become impacted.

    The Process

    There are two different types of tooth extractions, both of which can be performed by Dr. Bynum and the Valrico Five Star Dental Care team.

    • Simple extraction – This kind of an extraction can be done on a tooth that is seen in the mouth. During this process, Dr. Bynum will use an instrument called an elevator to loosen the tooth then use forceps to remove it.
    • Surgical extraction – This procedure is done on a tooth that can’t be seen or a tooth that may have been broken off at the gum line. During this procedure, Dr. Bynum will make a small incision in the gum line and extract the tooth.

    Tooth Extraction Healing

    When you have a pulled tooth, some discomfort is natural while your mouth heals, and with innovative techniques, Dr. Bynum can help you recover even faster. One method, platelet concentrate, uses growth factors found in your own blood and introduces them at the extraction site, scientifically proven to boost your body’s natural healing processes so you feel better faster.

    In Need of a Tooth Extraction Near Brandon or Riverview, FL? Dr. Bynyum Makes Getting a Tooth Pulled Easy!

    Dr. Bynum’s many years of experience pulling teeth have led him to become a clinical instructor at the prestigious Kois Center, where he instructs other dentists on the best tooth extraction techniques.

    Contact our Valrico dentist office today or call 813-653-2273 to schedule a tooth extraction!

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