We’re happy to share some of the positive feedback we get from our dental patients.

Riverview FL dentist smiles Valrico dentist smiles Brandon FL dentist smiles Riverview FL dentist smiles Valrico dentist smiles Brandon FL dentist smiles

  • It’s only three days since I received my new teeth and I have already enjoyed two 16 oz. cans of peanuts, one order of extra crispy Kentucky Fried Chicken (with cole slaw) and one delicious Outback Steakhouse steak. Thanks to you, I can eat anything I want to now, and everything tastes great.

    “All my children, neighbors and friends are amazed at my improved appearance. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine work you performed for me. You are truly a professional. I’d just like to say hats off to you Dr. Bynum and your Five Star Dental Team. You all took such great care of me and you have given me my life back.”

    William G. Robey, Apollo Beach, FL

  • I went to Dr. Bynum at the recommendation of a co-worker. My 70 year old friend said, ‘This is the best dentist I’ve ever been to.’ He was right. I have found Dr. Jeff to be professional, understanding, helpful, thorough and really pain-free. I was a chicken, but not any more. I actually enjoy the pleasant staff and atmosphere at Five Star! Dr. Bynum can’t walk on water, but he does have a gift for healing.

    Rev. David Shenning, Valrico, FL

  • Dear Dr. Jeff, Karen and I could not be more pleased with the recent dental work that you did for us. You enabled us to accomplish our goals for a better smile. I cannot thank you enough for the kind and caring manner in which you spent time with us. You listened to our desires and fulfilled them through professional dental work. We highly recommend that anyone who has a desire for excellent dental care to visit with you. I am impressed with the thorough manner in which every detail was managed through the process of completing our work. It is evident that you maintain the latest information and practices and implement these for a successful relationship with your patients. We count it a privilege to be a part of the Five Star Dental Care family and appreciate your expertise that brings a huge smile to our faces.

    Tommy and Karen Green

  • Always a warm welcome. Very friendly. My cleaning experience was very good, as I hadn’t had one in a very long time, and really expected the worse. It was not a bad experience. Thanks!

    Doris Sidoti

  • Both visits were great. You all are very friendly and funny, and you put me at ease. I appreciate your kindness.

    Lisa Wysong

  • Excellent service! I recommend Dr. Bynum to all my friends and co-workers.

    Cindy Dowdy

  • I’m very pleased with the professional and friendly atmosphere in your office.

    Maxine Griner

  • Coleen and Sherri are like the golden arches at McDonalds, they are the backbone of your success. Elena is hands down the best hygienist I have ever known, her thoroughness and attention to detail are unsurpassed. Dr. Bynum you continue to amaze me with your never ending ability to have all of the state of the art latest dental technology and your thoroughness does not go unnoticed, I used to fear and dread all visits to a Dentist but you have turned that around for me, again Thank-you for your efforts and best wishes and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Dave Corson

  • I always feel comfortable when I visit the clinic. I deeply appreciate you working me into your busy schedule. I suppose the most important thing is you always make the person feel as though you truly care. Never change!! Have a blessed day and keep up the good works that you do for all.

    Gail Doty

  • Your team is so professional and kind. Dr. Bynum is a great educator and I greatly appreciated the time he spent explaining my dental needs clearly. Elena is exceptional. She is the BEST hygienist I have ever had. I have had such a fearful history at dentists and she made it wonderful and did a fabulous job!!! I greatly appreciated her preventative measures that we discussed. An overall 5 star team!!

    Joyce Gerardi

  • The staff couldn’t be any nicer. Your office makes it a pleasure (most of the time) to go to the dentist. Never ever had a problem. Love everyone there including the doc.

    Elizabeth Hawkins

  • As always, Elena was very thorough and gentle with Katie. The only thing that you could change would make it more comfortable for Elena which in turn would allow her to complete her job more efficiently (time wise) so she’s not trying to twist her body in numerous positions!

    Katie Smigiel

  • Great experience as per usual. Everyone is courteous, professional and treats you like family. This is the only doctor/dentist that I have never had to wait for. Appointments are always on time.

    Adam Roth

  • The employees at 5 Star are a very professional staff and are a caring group. I think Christians make a difference. Dr. Bynum, you have a big heart for helping people who are way less fortunate than we are. Those of other countries who may not even have a roof over their heads. Boy, we think we have problems until you have experienced real poverty. Thank you for your service.

    Margaret and Dan Whichello

  • Outstanding Service!!

    Tom Figmik

  • Absolutely LOVE your hygienist!!

    Gabriele Hosemann

  • It’s always an enjoyable experience visiting your facility. Use to be nervous at a dentist office…. however no longer since becoming a patient of yours.

    Marty Schreiber

  • Jeff Bynum and his staff are top rate professionals. I have no adverse comments. Keep up the good work. I continue to refer your staff to friends and family.

    Henry McKeithan

  • I just had to write and tell you how excited and pleased I am with all the work you have done for me this past year. You are a true testament, first of all, to our precious Lord and Savior, and secondly to the field of dentistry. I see in you a very fine individual who is a joy to work with. Your kind-heartedness, jokes, and giving me bits of information as you work, make me feel so at ease. Don’t ever stop being who you are. I have a feeling that through this gift of dentistry that the Lord has given you, you will continue to touch many lives.

    Phyllis Henry

  • When Dr. Bynum suggested a NIT appliance I was skeptical. I had a full mouth guard made previously and it was very bulky and uncomfortable. After the first night of wearing my NIT appliance I was amazed how relaxed my jaw muscles felt. I suffered from severe headaches and since wearing the NIT I have been headache free. Thank you Dr. Bynum for suggesting the NIT appliance and relieving my painful headaches.

    Debbie Eaton

  • I was eight years old when I lost my permanent front tooth due to a sledding accident. Throughout the years I have had many dental appliances as well as bridges. I was never happy with any of the bridges because they never looked like real teeth. Upon moving to Brandon six years ago I needed a dentist immediately because my bridge fell out of my mouth. How embarrassing is that! I picked up the phone book and called Dr. Bynum’s office. The staff was kind and so sympathetic to my situation that they made an appointment for me right away. Of course Dr. Bynum reglued my bridge but he researched the cause of why the bridge fell out. The reason was my teeth were out of alignment. I now have an implant where my tooth was missing and several beautiful crowns in the front. I am so happy with my smile and proud of the way my pictures turn out. Thank you Dr. Bynum for finally making me look like I have real teeth. Your cosmetic work is unsurpassable.

    Debbie Eaton

  • Not being to a dentist in five years, it was very scary to search for a new one. The staff here is wonderful and genuinely cares. Always making sure you’re not in pain. I love you all!

    Robyn Chapman

  • How refreshing it is to come to an environment that is all your website promises to be! Your staff is warm, friendly, sincere and competent. I never feel rushed when you are treating me, and your warmth and gentleness is greatly comforting and appreciated. Thank you for being all you offered yourself to be to your patients.

    Rose Profetto

  • My first appointment with Dr Bynum was in March 2000. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he took a personal interest in his patients. Since that time, under his care, my teeth have steadily improved in both condition and appearance. I can only say good things about him and I have recommended him to others. His office staff is outstanding. They are professional, personable, and accommodating. Additionally, he has a comfortable, clean and well appointed office where there is no parking problem and you are made to feel welcome when you walk in the door.

    Ann Driver

  • WOW! I started coming to Dr. Bynum’s office earlier in 07, and I must say…. WOW! I would have to compare my experiences at Dr. Bynum’s office to that of a fine restaurant, with amazing service that seems to go above and beyond, far beyond, the ‘norm’ call of duty, well staffed, highly trained and obviously correctly experienced staff. I believe I have finally found the perfect dental home to sink my ‘teeth’ into!

    Bruce Brandywine

  • I get so many compliments saying how beautiful my teeth are. I tell them all they need to go see Dr. Bynum. I have never been happier with my smile. Thank you, Dr. Jeff

    John McLeish

  • I never imagined my teeth could look this good !! After my accident, and losing my front teeth, I thought I would be doomed to covering my smile forever. You are a true artist. Thank you so much! You’re the greatest !

    Beth Winkler

  • I can’t tell you how pleased I am with what you did for me. My teeth look and feel amazing and my bite has never been more comfortable. I am so happy that I made the decision to fly down from Georgia to have you fix my mouth. Best decision I have made in a long time. Thanks Buddy!! I owe you big!!

    Dr. Chris Miller

  • You are the best!! Thank you so much for everything. From your biggest fan!

    Charity Hein

  • Thank you so much for my beautiful smile!

    Jennifer Howard

  • We have already recommended your services to others in our community. Your practice is a shining example of what can happen when you surround yourself with a caring friendly, competent staff.

    Congratulations again on YOUR newest member of your family.”

    Chris & Marlyn Junkert

  • Due to bad experiences as a child, even now as an adult, I still get very nervous even when having my teeth cleaned. When Dr. Bynum informed me that I needed a root canal, I told him of my fears and he suggested sedation. I have had to use it on a few different procedures now, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. You’re awake, and yet have no memory of the procedure, or any unpleasant side effect. I no longer break out in a cold sweat when I go to the dentist now.

    Donna Moore

  • Thank you for all of the wonderful work you completed for me. It feels so good to have fully-functioning, pain free for the first time in many years. My implants are awesome—It’s so nice to be able to chew with all of my teeth again!! I am extremely grateful.

    Kim Kocak

  • Dr. Bynum, you have skillfully given me back a mouth with teeth that fit together and no jaw pain. You and your staff are caring, talented people.

    Carol Byrd

  • Thanks to each one of you for your outstanding work, especially your insistence on getting it right and not just getting it done. thank you also for your patience and support through it all. You are true professionals. God Bless

    Robin Woodbury

  • I was very impressed by the professionalism, courteousess and overall comfortable feeling I had with my visit to Dr. Bynum’s office. I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially those who are fearful of going to the dentist.

    David Fitzpatrick

  • I want to thank all of you for the excellent care I received at your office. I’m so glad I chose Five Star Dental Care. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. I will highly recommend you to anyone I meet, needing dental care! Thanks again for everything!

    Brett Kelley

  • Friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Have been a patient of Dr. Bynum for at least 15 years, always very professional.

    Lori Bandy

  • I was really impressed with his demeanor and knowledge. He is an excellent dentist. I am very happy that our former dentist refer Dr. Bynum. We are very happy with our new dentist.

    John Stanciu

  • I think Dr. Bynum is an excellent dentist. We are following his new instructions for at-home dental care and seeing good results.

    Francine Stanciu

  • Five Star Dental is the best. I sometimes think about shifting to a closer dental office now that we’ve moved, but I just can’t…

    Eileen Hall

  • Everyone I met was very courteous and cordial which made this a very pleasant visit.

    Carol Wilson

  • Cleaning was very thorough. I am very pleased.

    Keith Singletary

  • I truly would recommend family and friends to visit your establishment. Not only was your staff beyond helpful (Maureen and Assistant Christa), caring and accommodating, your emergency dental services were timely, painless, and beyond the service I would have expected. I cannot thank Dr. Bynum and his staff enough for such a pleasant dental experience.

    Lauren Almand

  • Everyone in the office was great.

    Melissa Brode

  • I would recommend Dr. Bynum to anyone who is looking for a dentist.

    Richard Dysle

  • Overall outstanding.

    Rick Bartis

  • Staff was very nice and appreciate getting me in this week to take care of the filling that was lost.

    Robert Barkley

  • Everyone was great!!

    Elizabeth Lennon

  • Dr Bynum and his 5 Star Staff are very patient oriented. They always meet the patient with a smile and make sure that your needs are met.

    John Potter

  • Maureen worked with my insurance for several days to clarify the carry-over amount and how much they were going to pay, just to keep my out-of-pocket payment low. I really appreciated that. Hilda might still need to learn a few things here and there, but her friendly and happy personality makes it a true pleasure to be around her. Nykole greeted me with a great smile when I walked in, she knew my name and even pronounced my name correctly; that does not happen all that often to me. He is by far the best dentist I have ever seen (worldwide!) and did an amazing job on fixing my front teeth. Thanks, Dude!

    Birgit Barnett

  • Best dental care – Anywhere. ALL staff courtious and friendly.

    Jim McMahon

  • The whole staff is very considerate and understanding. Please don’t be afraid to make the appt. The hygienist was the best! Dr. Bynum

    Mary Alcober

  • I was very satisfied.

    John Ducharme

  • i felt very comfortable. and i was pleased with the cleaning of my teeth.

    Sara Phelps

  • Entire staff especially the “new” young assistant with the beautiful dark hair and small baby boy (sorry, I have forgotten her name) she was such an angel. All the staff and the doctor were excellent, professional and helpful I every aspect of my visit there. All charges were explained upfront so when I left there I knew exactly what services I would be receiving and the total cost. I would refer Five Star Dental to any one that is seeking a “family dentist” or just needs a one time dental procedure. God bless all of you

    Norma Jeanne Biery

  • Everyone at Dr. Bynum’s office is friendly and helpful. Dr. Bynum takes the time to answer all of your questions clearly and thoroughly. He is kind and gentle. I had a very positive experience all around and would highly recommend Dr. Bynum.

    Elizabeth Lennon

  • It is a very comfortable and clean environment. I’ve had an enjoyable experience so far.


  • Everything was great! I really like that Dr. Bynum calls to check on his patients after every visit.

    Lorraine Miller

  • Maureen is wonderful! Always willing to answer my questions and help any way she could!

    Hunter Ginn

  • Great atmosphere in your office. Your staff persons are extremely attentive, friendly and helpful. Thanks to all of you for making my last visit, an extraction, an experience as favorable as I could have expected. Thanks, again. Chuck

    Chuck Jennings

  • I would not change anything. Dr Bynum is an excellent dentist and the people are friendly. Going there has always been a good experience. Just don’t want to go more than is necessary.

    Ralph Fuller

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